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It’s minus 30 outside, with the wind chill that is (like that makes a difference)! Since there is no way I feel like venturing outside right now, I thought I would share a chunk of where we are hiding out these days, sans boat.

This is our living room / dining room / boat stuff storage area…

  1. Boat monkey Mojo, of course.
  2. Dinghy engine
  3. Katana’s salon cushions
  4. Mainsail cover
  5. Yet-to-be-installed electric windlass
  6. Miscellaneous rope
  7. Distilled water for Katana’s batteries
  8. Dremel tool
  9. Deflated dinghy
  10. Tiny bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum, of course! 🙂


  1. Looks a lot like where we live. Our living room is piled up with backpacking gear and boat stuff Until we move to our house in Ohio(we’ll be Lake Erie sailors in summer,we’re living in a shoebox apartment. Until then we’re saving our “boat bucks” to fund the Bahamas run.
    I actually held off of buying some boat gear ’cause there’s no place to put it when it gets delivered!

  2. Minus 30… Ouch! Sheila was complaining how cold it was down here in the Caribbean when the mercury hit 76F the other night.

    Now we see why you guys are so motivated!

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