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I’m not ashamed to say it… I can hardly walk this morning. Yesterday’s 8.5 mile Ironman hash trail lived up to it’s Ironman moniker, and just about killed me. The first 5, or maybe even 6 miles weren’t too bad but my legs wanted to stop functioning for everything beyond that. Oh well, I persevered, and lived to tell about it.

When I was on Facebook this morning, whining about how sore I am, one of my friends made the comment “Isn’t getting older fabulous?” I told her to bite her tongue. For the record, several people considerably older than I am kicked my ass in yesterday’s run. And remember Telfor, the 73 yr. old who climbed Diamond Rock with us a week ago? He just kayaked all the way around Grenada, in 18 hours! Forget your age… just make it happen.

The beach at La Sagesse, the site of the 750th Hash in Grenada.

The hash trail that sounded most appealing to me… Executive!

Or perhaps the Namby Pamby.

Nope. We ended up on the Ironman trail, of course!

Our friends Donna and Kirk were two of 50 Virgins present yesterday. Great job guys!

Our hashing buddy Brain Dead is back from his trip to Trinidad.

Hashmaster doing what he does best: Talking.

ON ON! For this very brief moment I was in the lead.
Note: VERY brief moment!

The walkers followed en masse.

One of the entertainers, a young May Pole dancer. The after-party was great!

And for those patiently waiting, here is salvageable footage from yesterday’s shoot. You can see us raising anchor in Hog Island, bashing our way out of the channel and then heading east for a brief bit. Too bad I couldn’t use the coolest footage that we shot of us entering Calivigny Harbor.

Note: Credit to James Pascall for some of the great photos above!


  1. This reminds me of You

    “Climb every mountain,
    Ford every stream,
    Follow every rainbow,
    Till you find your dream.”

  2. Mike: What is the music playing on this video clip?

  3. Can’t wait to get there!

  4. I like the video! Looking forward to more.
    The goPro up the mast is a great idea.

    Here’s some goPro video I took of our crossing, I wish I’d thought of the mast mount.


  5. Wow, you really move fast when pulling up anchor! 😉

  6. Great video! I liked the kayak on the trampoline especially.

      • It shows practical sailing. How to have space for everything. That yes, you can bring your water toys along. As we have discussed, I would love to have a kayak and a bike on my future cruise. Bikes- preferably mountain bike as I like hiking and mountain biking. Kayak- gunkholing mangroves, and other shallow areas. Kayaks are also useful for cleaning the boat or finding a close snorkel spot. I know they make inflatable kayaks, that either use: aluminum, fiberglass, or even Kevlar poles and a rubber inflatable outside. They range from $100-$3,000. You show you dont have to go that route, you can store it on deck. I know you have a foldable bike, but have you used it for rocky, muddy, sandy trails?

  7. It was spooky, watching the video; having the same boat, very similar bridles and anchors, having our wives run the engines, right down to the hand signals, it was our exact routine! Except for tan, I was watching myself. Even more so, since I we were out this weekend. We’re either both doing it right… or wrong.

    While I can’t claim the Bay has the weather Grenada has, We’ve been enjoying one of the best Falls in memory, with perhaps 6 weeks of steady winds and highs between 65F and 80F. A seemingly endless indian summer. No jackets, not yet. But soon….:(

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