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Of all the things I wanted to spend money on for our boat a heater wasn’t one of them. Air conditioning maybe, but a heater? No. Sadly we broke down yesterday and in anticipation of increasingly chilly days and nights we purchased a heater. West Marine had one of their little units on sale which had received pretty high reviews. I quickly slid into the store and picked one up and it is quietly (relatively) running beside me right now.

What else comes along with chilly days? Apparently condensation, and it’s nasty neighbor, mold. From what we have read on the PDQ forum a common place for this to develop is underneath the mattresses. There is a product called Hypervent that we could purchase to go under the mattresses which is designed to facilitate air flow and thus prevent the growth of mold. Again, I am not too interested in spending money on cold-weather stuff, but mold and I have had a long-standing hatred of one another (I had a bad mold experience in my younger days). 🙂

On a different topic Rebecca wanted to try her hand at raising our new anchor. She did great right up until she needed to break it free from where it was stuck. We needed to cleat it off and use the boats engine’s to break it free. You can see from the lower photo that there was a bit of additional weight on that anchor! For this reason we decided to go ahead and order an electric windlass, a Lewmar Pro-Fish 1000. It goes against our “simple systems” mantra but I am sure we’ll love having it once it is installed.


  1. Yuck — what a catch! If you come through the Chesapeake give us a shout!

  2. It appears that even if we did want to purchase that Hypervent product they don’t ship to Canada!

  3. Mike,

    Dont feel bad…. We live in South Florida and we had to purchase a heater for our PDQ last year. We went with one that runs off of the small LP tanks of gas. This allows us to use it while on the hook. I picked it up at one of the large outdoor store chains. Like all heaters, you just have to be careful…


  4. I don’t know if you’d want to attempt this on a boat or not, but my parents spent many months living on the south coast of Texas in their motorhome. They had a mold problem under the bedding. Since there were storage areas under the beds and benches the drilled a few 1/2 inch holes in the boards that supported the mattresses, this allowed a little air to circulate.

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