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As we have a lack of Wi-Fi in our hotel room, I am being forced to post this blog entry from my iPad. Because of that, I’m going to make it a short one. As expected, we are enjoying our trip. Here are a few things we’ve noted:

  • The US is huge!
  • The scenery in Colorado and Utah > that which we have seen in Nevada. Perhaps that changes farther from the interstate.
  • There is a massive temperature change from the mountains to the desert.
  • On that note, a convertible with the top down is not the ideal vehicle when driving in 116F heat! No, we were not smart enough to put the top back up so that the AC would work more effectively.

We drove 10 hours yesterday, stopping only for restroom breaks and to fill up with fuel. Today’s trip to California should be much shorter and that’s good because we’re eager to see our family.


  1. Way back when I had my convertible Triumph TR7, I’d drive in the winter with the top down. And besides, y’all are fresh air folks now! When do we see Rebecca doing TRX on the hood of the Vette? “White Snake style” lol great, now I’m humming Here I go again……

    • I have driven in convertibles with the heat blasting to keep me warm too. The AC was not being super efficient at cooling us off though. I think the heat worked better.

  2. It’s a dry heat….isn’t that what they say about ovens? Add in circulating the dry, hot air and you have a convection oven. 🙂

    Definitely getting quite a variance of climates on the trip from the Colorado front range to California.

  3. Oh wow guys that’s insane. I don’t know how you can stand it. Meanwhile, here on the East coast we can’t a sunny break. Been trying to get my kids to the beach all week. 70’s and cloudy…Booo

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