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Well, the bigger sail and the clean hull paid off, we had a fast sail! After an invigorating trip, Rebecca and I are now relaxing in our favorite St. Martin bar, Barnacles. Unfortunately, we are lacking in Wi-Fi on the boat so a detailed post will have to wait until our trip to shore tomorrow. Until that time, have a great day and know that Rebecca and I are safe and sound and appreciated all the good vibes that you sent us.


  1. So glad to hear you made it safely. I did go to SPOT once or twice to see where you were so I guess what I said earlier about not using it is not quite accurate! Although it probably was because I was sick in bed for two days and was bored out of my mind, and that hardly ever happens to me.

  2. Glad ya’ll had a fast and safe sail! Sitting at a bar in St. Martin … sounds like a great way to wrap up the year … enjoy!

  3. Wow…Great speed…Congrats on your trip…..

  4. Wow! That’s a pretty good average for 271 NM. Bigger genny obviously a good call.

  5. Very well done!
    I was following you on Spot, (which went odd, but worked), So I had worked out that you were going well. I hope you are pleased with yourselves.


  6. 12.7 knots? Yeah that’s an invigorating sail. Never see that speed while sailing a mono hull. Happy New Year!

  7. Pleased you had a a safe and fast trip, look forward to the full story tomorrow.

  8. Congratulations. Enjoy your time.


  9. Congratulations on a quick and safe passage!!

    We just completed our first overnight passage earlier this year (ironically also to St. Martin, but from the BVIs). We were completely stoked so I can just imagine how you felt today. I’ll be real interested to hear some of the details of how you arranged your watches (day vs. night) and how you passed your time, especially as I’m assuming you passed fairly close to some of the islands, judging by your Spot track.

    Anyhow, way to go on another notch on the sailing/cruising belt!

    • Actually we were very far from most of the islands, 20- 40 miles. Today’s post has a lot of the details of what went on. It’s not something that I’m eager to repeat in the near future.

  10. Love your web sight, Just found it a couple days ago. I once helped my friend sail his 36ft colin archer design double ender from suva fiji to N.Z. (21 day passage) your blog brings back great memories. So my question is how did the fish taste? We caught several tuna on our passage but with out refrigeration. we ended up salting to preserve. Got really tired of eating tuna. Cheers JIM

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