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Working until midnight last evening, David Rowland and I were able to transfer the new site from the test server where we had been working on it, to the site you’re presently looking at. I believe that we had the original website down for only an hour or so while we made the transition, something that the vast majority of visitors would never have noted. We’re pretty happy with the result, and hope you are too. The real benefits of the new theme will become even more apparent in future posts, and updates.

Thanks to everyone who played along with my tagline contest yesterday. Even if I did not use your suggestion, you are still a winner in my eyes, and I’ll be sending each one of you a copy of our book. Sorry kids, if you didn’t respond before this post, you’re not eligible.

A note for some of the people who mentioned that the RSS feed was no longer working. It is definitely back online now. If you did not receive this post in your feed, you will need to resubscribe by using the sign-up widget in the bottom footer of the site, or by clicking one of the two RSS buttons located at the very top right, or bottom center.

Feel free to comment on the new design, good or bad, and especially let me know if you find anything that is not behaving properly. As I said, we were working on this at midnight so it’s entirely possible that we missed something.

Finally, I’d like to offer my most sincere thanks to David for volunteering his time to help with this project. He’s a true rockstar!


  1. I’m so glad you’re finally mobile responsive 🙂

  2. Nice new look. Very clean looking. No need to send copy of your book, already purchased through Amazon when it first came out.

  3. Looks good as I said yesterday.

    No need to send me the book. I bought it when it first came out. Thanks anyway.


  4. Agreed, clean, crisp and fresh. You’ve been busy. Also already have the book!
    We have an anniversary coming up on the 28th, maybe you can do something for us then.

  5. Great Job Mike and David. Much cleaner looking site.

  6. I like the new site! I have to add that old site was OK too, your content is/was really the key to keep me interested. Thanks for 7+ years.

  7. Nice.

    Funny thing is, I wouldn’t have understood the tag line a year ago. Timing is everything.

  8. Mike, Rebecca
    The site is awesome, very clean and the update is perfect
    Great Job!!

  9. Mike and Rebecca – I love following your blog and really like the clean look of the new site. Every morning I read what you have been up too……love it!

  10. Very nice – I like!!!

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