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When Rebecca and I first started this Blog our idea was to share the steps we took to transform ourselves from landlubbers to live-aboard cruisers. We figured that even if we made 1000 mistakes, if we documented them and let those interested in following a similar path be aware of them so that they could avoid doing the same, it would be helpful, even if only to one or two people.

Having never authored a blog before, the one thing we weren’t prepared for is all the great info that we have learned from our readers! There are obviously some very knowledgeable and talented people who are reading our blog, and taking the time to comment on posts. Please accept this as a very sincere Thank You to those who have commented on our blog, and those who will do so in the future. As we have said over and over, we need all the help we can get, and we appreciate it!


  1. Let’s all have a cyber-hug – as Bette Midler would say, “It’s a Kumbaya moment!”

    But seriously, thanks also go to you and Rebecca for taking us on your journey via this website!

  2. I have very much enjoyed reading your blog, and have learned much from it. I have to get two houses and one boat sold before I can buy my cat and move aboard her, but I intend to do pretty much what you are doing. My intent is to spend my winters in Florida with two of my kids (and my mom, I hope!), and the summers back here on Lake Erie near the rest of the kids. I’d love to have my mom on the boat with me, but she’s not interested in living on a boat, and, at 91, she gets to decide where she wants to live! I’ve dreamed for years of living aboard a boat, and going through the Erie Canal to the ICW and points south. As the dream was refined, the choice of boat became a cat for reasons of which the two of you are well aware, and a couple that you are too young to have met thus far!

  3. Only just started reading your blog and so far we love it. Our plan is 10 years away max but hoping to shorten it up along the way. Just have to get the kids through university or college then we can get serious….thanks for sharing your experiences!

  4. As those above me have already said, thank you for sharing a dream that so many of us have but never knew how to start. Your efforts in documenting your journey make the dream seem all the more like a reality for the rest of us!

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