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In spite of my aversion to drilling holes in boats, I know that there are times when it just needs to be done. Boats are frequently constructed in pieces so that once together, there is no longer access to certain areas. This is where a conveniently positioned inspection port can come in handy.

The image below shows the cover plate which seals off the 4.5″ hole that I drilled* in the underside of the Leopard’sĀ helm seat. Without it, the plumbing project(s) that we have planned in that vicinity would be all but impossible. So, while I still sometimes deliberate for hours (days?) about where to drill, and measure countless times, I know that there are times when the surgery just needs to take place.

An inspection port I cut to assist with a plumbing installation we are doing.

Of course, if I had arms like Inspector Gadget, perhaps the inspection ports would not be quite so necessary!

*Since I didn’t have a hole saw in exactly the right size for that opening, I used the cutting bit on our Dremel tool. It did the job just fine.


  1. No one should gave a watch so long that they need plumbing in the helm seat….

  2. Really like that inspection port! Mind sharing the manufacturer or where you found it? All the ports I’ve seen have screw holes around their circumference. I like the clean look of that installation, looks great.

  3. Mike, we just bought a WirieAP, and were curious where you ended up installing the one on OneLove. Our catamaran is a smaller Leopard 40, so it may not be the same installation, but thought that I would ask. I didn’t see it on any photos that you have posted.



    • Funny you should ask that as we have not yet permanently installed it on One Love. I presently have it tie wrapped to a stanchion and have the power cable crimped to a 12V cigarette lighter plug. I am leaning towards installing it on a spreader and running the power cable down inside the mast.

  4. Mike,
    Thanks for your reply! I may attach ours to the handle/rail on the outside of our rear hardtop fiberglass support, and run the wire around to the inside, and then through the cable run. It won’t be high, but it should meet our needs until we have someone look at it once we arrive in Rio Dulce.



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