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Today, while Rebecca went running, I took my first lesson in Total Immersion Swimming, a course offered for free here by Bob and Gail from s/v Star. After a detailed lecture, they began the course by first testing each of the participants, counting the number of strokes we took to swim 25 yards. With my atrocious score, I stand to win the biggest-improvement award. 🙂


  1. Go Mike Go!
    Is that a photo Rebecca took of you? Awesome photo!

  2. What an awesome pic!

  3. I have confidence in you, Mike! You WILL do it, and you may also win the most improved award! Go for it!

  4. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    I havent see water that looks clear in ages, what sort of “viz’ did you have ? & it looks warm water 🙂

  5. Bob & Gail from s/v Star are really nice folks. Tell them I said, “Hi!” You will be a near-Olympian swimmer by the time you’re done!


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