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A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

The “government dock” could use a bit of work but to be honest, it’s still not the worst dock we have come across in our travels.

This is the bridge up to the Comandante’s office. Our first exposure to Luperon came through a book we highly recommend, An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude. The bridge has obviously been replaced since the time that book was written! Get the book to find out what I mean.

Heading to town to get our laundry done. $12.50 to get 20 lbs washed, dried and folded. I’m betting there is a bit more than 20 lbs in this bag. Check out the mountains in the background.

Steve’s is where we’re dropping off the laundry. It’s also a bit of a hangout for cruisers with inexpensive food specials, free Wi-Fi, free billiards and foosball, showers and a pool. Although I’m not sure we’ll go play in the pool, we have taken advantage of just about everything else.

This massive breakfast cost only 100 pesos at Steve’s, a little over $2.50 US.

Fresh tamarind juice. We first tried the tamarind fruit at Kaye’s bar back in Rum Cay.

Touring around town, checking out the sights.

General Gregorio Luperon.

At one point we were ‘adopted’ by a young want-to-be guide, Julio.

Perhaps if the high schools in Canada had concertina wire around them, kids wouldn’t skip classes?

Last night’s entertainment? Watching Cool Hand Luke on the big screen at Wendy’s Bar with a bunch of other cruisers. Even the famous Bruce van Sant was in attendance. 🙂

Heading home after a fun evening out. Now where did we put that flashlight?


  1. Awesome…sounds way cool. Especially all the prices you mentioned. Very excited!

  2. I wanna go! Looks like a cruiser-on-a-budget (us) beautiful place!

  3. Cheryl, Mike and Mikayla - Reply

    So where’s the photo of Van Sant?!

  4. Notice that cruising seems to consist of traveling between very pretty places to get the latest broken object repaired?

  5. Beautiful surroundings Mike and Rebecca~! It’s funny that you mention the book “Embarrasement of Mangoes” I just finished reading it, great book. I was going to tell you about it, but looks like you are already ahead of me. Ann and Steve in the book remind me of you two. Enjoy your travels!

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