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The Georgetown Cruising Regatta Variety Show is thankfully now behind us. After tonight’s farewell party we’ll finally be free to escape Georgetown (I say ‘escape’ quite tongue-in-cheek because we really did have a blast here and met so many cool people)! When it comes to leaving though, I am pretty sure we won’t be the only ones. In fact, I bet there is a significant exodus of boats leaving this week. Some, like us, will be heading south while the majority work their way back north.

I can’t believe I let myself get talked into things like this!

Don’t ask!

Playing the Uke with my friend Greg from s/v Sympatico.

and now, the real star…

Sorry for the not-so-great pics guys. Our friend who was taking the shots was only using our little camera, set on auto. I’m sure some more professional ones will surface in the near future.


  1. very few times I am speechless…….Safe passage guys

  2. but who won the rum?

  3. Jeeze Mike, just when the good part starts, ya gotta put another dollar bill in the machine. Just kidding. 😉 I bet I know what you did with the rum that you won from the dinghy event though. ))

  4. While you were getting your picture taken in the “don’t ask” photo, there was a guy walking a tightrope in New York and he was thinking the same thing as you were….don’t look down.

  5. After some of those shots, you may HAVE to leave GT! Rebecca, on the other hand, looks great!

  6. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    When you up anchor , is it a day sail or you have any nights involved , & what sort of distance are you going to be looking at. Fair winds & full sails

  7. Looks like a great time! Looking forward to hearing about your passage further South!

  8. “Glad it’s over” It looks more as though you could not get enough of it!

    Rope dancing looks good – and difficult. 🙂

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