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It’s been 339 days since we left Canada on our boat and I wouldn’t have enjoyed a single day of the trip if I didn’t have my lovely and talented wife Rebecca to share them with me. Happy anniversary, Baby. I’m looking forward to getting wet, sweaty, salty, muddy and hot with you for many years to come!

We’re planning to do a bit of celebrating on Hog Island this afternoon, after volleyball of course. If you’re in the area, please come and join us on the beach. If you’re far away and thus can’t be here with us, hopefully you have a special someone nearby that you can share the day with.


  1. Happy Anniversary you two!! I can’t think of a better place to celebrate it then where you are!

  2. Happy Anniversary, you are so wise to be living this dream while you have your youth and your health. My late husband and I had those dreams, and you know how that story ended.

    Live large. Be your own destiny.

  3. Happy anniversary!

  4. happy happy happy and what a fabulous photo (love the background peeps idea!) many more years of love and salt to you both!

  5. So great you can enjoy your anniversary in such a scenic romantic setting.
    We wish you both all the best
    Ron and Kathleen (Toronto)

  6. Hey, all the best and many more you guys!
    Head on over the Dodgy Dock and have a couple of rum punches on me. Thell them i will pay for them when I get down there next summer. 😉

  7. Congrats….enjoy the mud, sweat and salt you deserve it for traveling that far for an anniversary on the beach.

  8. Happy Anniversary to the both of you !! Enjoy and LIVE THE MOMENT !! Dave and I just got married on Saturday, and well hope that, a year from now, on our first wedding anniversary, we shall be en route !! Yehhaaaa !

    PS: how did you go about getting your URL domain ?? Is it expensive ? We’re currently with sailblogs, but I was contemplating switching to our very own URL … and since i’m not technosavvyyy, didn’t know how to go about that ??

    • Congratulations to you guys then!!!

      Registering a domain is not expensive. You can do it here for 12 bucks:

      You then need to pay for web space to host your site. You can also do that at Godaddy. We use

      You can then “point” the URL to your sailblog account (I know with webmasters I can) so that when people type in the URL, they are seamlessly directed to your current blog.

      • Thanks for replying and the advice Mike, much appreciated (and on your anniversary no less, i’m sure you had better things to do, wink wink) LOL. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures, and eventually crossing paths maybe ?

  9. Cheryl, Mike and Mikayla - Reply

    What a beautiful couple! And so romantic, Mike. Best wishes for many happy anniversaries to come.

  10. Happy Anniversary! You are a very cute couple and well matched!!

    And what better way to celebrate than in the Caribbean?!?!?!?!

    May you have many more happy years together!


  11. Happy Day! Enjoy eachother and your beautiful life! So blessed. 🙂

  12. Such a sweet post and a cute picture! So tell us, how many years???
    You know, something I can’t help but notice is that for the most part cruising couples are happy couples!

  13. Happy Anniversary Mike and Rebecca. We are all thinking of you both and wish you all the hapiness and love that life has to offer. Love Edna and Peter and Scott and Jennifer

  14. Ahhhhh, Aimore. You are a terriffic couple. Mike, you are one class act! Good on you , bro.

  15. Thanks for the kind words and thoughts, everyone. We had a great day. We celebrated by scrubbing the bottom of the boat together. How Romantic is that? 😉

  16. Happy (belated) Anniversary! Love the black and white wedding photo … Ya’ll still make a great-looking couple!

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