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The 364 days mentioned below has now turned into 360 and there seems like soooo much to do. It’s a little scary actually. Ok, not a little but a lot!

We have however taken the following steps to lead us towards our goal:

  1. We have begun to curb our spending, cutting out unnecessary luxuries. An example of this is satellite TV. It is now gone. We created an auto-transfer of an equal amount of funds (to our TV bill) into our boat savings account.
  2. We have begun selling off stuff. All funds from these sales are going into the boat fund.
  3. We have started directing our secondary income sources also into the boat fund. Let’s hope this adds up!
  4. Our library continues to grow. We now have books on basic sailing, cruising, marine diesel and electronics repair and even fishing! We are reading and studying constantly.
  5. The only things we are permitting ourselves to purchase at this time are things that will serve us on the boat. An example of this is foul weather gear which we purchased for our upcoming sailing course, knowing that we will ultimately need it for life on a boat.
  6. We had our real estate agent over to our house to discuss it’s sale. We didn’t share our objectives yet but were feeling out his thoughts on a fair price for the property. We were happy to hear that his thoughts on an asking price were close to ours. We plan to offer it up for sale in the spring. 
We have pretty much decided what type of boat we are after. Following the lead of Slapdash (see below) we hope to find a suitable Gemini 105 Mc. This cruising cat could be in our price range (we are saving our pennies) and is more than big enough.

Isn’t it beautiful?

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