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After jumping through multiple hoops to obtain the map chips for our Garmin chartplotter, it looks like we have received the incorrect ones. 🙁 I’m not sure which freakin’ plotter these chips are for but they are not micro SD cards with a SD adapter as we need. I have sent Garmin an email and will follow up with a telephone call this morning.

I was asked to post a list of the items that Rebecca brought back with her. I had intended on doing that before but thought it would be fun to read what everyone’s guesses were based on the photo. Anyway, here goes…

  • Paper charts – DR to Grenada
  • Line – 100′ of 3/8″ line to rerun our 2nd reefing line
  • 500 gig flash portable hard drive (the orange thing)
  • Stainless Steel cotter pins
  • Sponges – from dollar store – for doing dishes
  • Disposable razors – from dollar store
  • Portable depth sounder (the tubular black thing)
  • Fishing line – 80 lb. test
  • Lighters – to start barbecue
  • Plastic egg container
  • 12 volt fan
  • Insulated Bubba mugs – 2
  • Paint set – to make courtesy flags
  • Coffee

The Exumas from the air.

Toronto welcomes Rebecca back to Canada.


  1. Love the pictures of Exumas and Toronto from above! Paint set for making courtesy flags… what a great idea! Based on your previous post, this should be a lot cheaper. So sorry to hear about your problems with the map chips.

  2. Awesome idea, painting courtesy flags!!!

  3. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    Regarding the Eggs & container do you coat the eggs in Vaseline ? I have read this is what they did during the Tall ship days / as it helps keep them fresher for a little longer in warmer places especially if they are not in a fridge

  4. Cools pics! Glad Rebecca is back on the boat and with nice surprises! Good therapy painting flags – gives you time to chill on the map chip problem!

  5. Oh NO!! That’s really horribly disappointing for you.

    I used to have one of those egg containers for camping. Great little things.

    Can’t wait to see your painted flags!

  6. What kind of paints are you using? That sounds like a great idea if they will last a while.

  7. How about different coloured waterproof marker pens? These may be easier and cleaner to use

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