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After hearing some strong recommendations for the product and watching the video below, we decided to invest in a medium-sized tub of Stay Afloat. The product, which is billed as an “Instant Water Leak Plug & Sealant,” is pretty cheap when compared to a sunk boat. We’ve had it onboard for a while this season and have yet to use it, which if definitely a good thing!


  1. I could have used some of this on Eolian when I broke a grease cap off a thru hull…

  2. Watched the video and it was painful to watch that boat sink! We just installed our thru-hulls this morning – the same day that you decide to write about this. Hmmm… is somebody trying to tell us something? Seems crazy not to have this stuff on hand. We’re going to look into this. Thanks!

  3. Where do you get it? How much does it cost? Seems as though it would be a better solution than the tube I used to carry. The stuff in the tube worked when I didn’t have a hole, but did have a gel coat hole from a close encounter with a rock. Stuck the goop on, smoothed it out, painted it over. Nice, smooth repair, no water in fiberglass. But the tubes didn’t reseal and were a bit brittle, so the stuff got hard.

    Do you know how they take it off when they are back ashore and ready to do a permanent repair? Does it get hard, or remain malleable? Does it just peel off for permanent repair.

  4. Jingust bought a tub of this stuff,and used it to fix a leak in our ballast tank,(non life threatening),until we can glass the area,at the end of the season. It’s like warm wax consistency,and stopped the leak instantly!
    Thanks for the tip!

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