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Even though we’ve had an extremely busy charter season, it’s been a several months since we’ve had a full 7-night charter with 3 couples on board. While young children present their own set of challenges, we do typically get a bit more sleep when we have families on board. Several times during the past week we heard “I don’t know how you guys do it,” referring to the fact that we get up earlier than all of our guests and typically stay up at night until the last ones head to bed. How do we do it? Great question. I’m not so sure. 🙂

If that’s what it takes, we’ll stand on our heads
to make sure that our guests have a great vacation!

In spite of the lack of sleep, we had an exceptional time with our last set of guests. Friends for over 20 years, these six knew how to have a great time, and take full advantage of the beauty that the Virgin Islands has to offer. With all of the hiking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and volleyball that these 6 did, they now hold the record for our most active set of guests. They even took advantage of the exercise equipment that we keep on board, following our lead with some early morning workouts! No, we didn’t force them to do that. I think they were just wisely trying to stay ahead of all of Rebecca’s meals and desserts!

The service provided was above & beyond expectations. Mike & Rebecca’s attention to details & anticipation of needs/desires was exceptional. There was nothing that could have made this a more pleasurable experience. Not only was service beyond expectations but the camaraderie we felt with Mike & Rebecca made us feel comfortable & relaxed. It added to the quality of our experience. This was certainly one of the most enjoyable trips I’ve been on. — Kathy. K

I had well over a thousand images to sort through after this charter making it pretty tough to select a manageable number for this post. Hopefully the few that you see below paint a picture of what a great time we all had during the last week.


  1. I don’t know Mike and Rebecca? Even the fish are happy to be around you guys. I may have to quit opening your emails though as I’m deep into my season at the chip truck and I really need a holiday already! Well, I guess I’ll keep following as it gives me something to look forward to at the end of my season. Glad you two are doing so well. Mark

  2. Was that THE BARRY we’ve heard about? And Mike, your new nickname is Isaac. …hums the theme to Love Boat….

  3. Mike & Rebecca, long time no talk. Still following you two weekly with all your adventures. I had asked my self that question as well…. How do they do it…. Some people have no idea how much effort goes into taking couples or families on board a boat which you are solely responsible for not only there entertainment, tour guide, chef and safety as their Captain. My hat goes off to both of you. Totally impressed!!!

  4. Mike,

    Besides lashing the paddle boards to the railing, do you lock them to help prevent theft? Thanks


  5. Thanks. Appreciate the input. Great blog.

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