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It’s amazing how some people, even ones who read our blog, still think that things come (too) easily to us. The image below illustrates how we stay lucky.

Time for Rebecca and I to jump on the bus to make the 45 minute trip back to the boat yard!


  1. Well, ignore them I guess. Luck has very little to do with anything. Except lottery tickets maybe. Even then winners probably bought tickets for many years… I think what you’re doing is great but am under no illusions how much hard work it is. Worth it, yes, but luck? Nah. Living on boats, living near boats, buying boats, taking people on boats… wonderful but damn hard work I am sure.

  2. The harder I work the luckier I get!!!

  3. No one under estimates work put into things. Never said you never worked hard. Yes blogs take time and energy to put out.
    It’s just interesting to be reading how someone wants to buy a boat to fulfill their dreams. Normally a person buys their boat then if they need money will take guests out.
    In your case you are having couples help purchase a boat. So if the boat costs you $100,000 and you get your 10 couples $50,000 . Others bought 1/2 your boat. Wow.
    Yes they want to come out for a week, learn. If the weather holds you up for a week do they get a redo?
    Your comment Giving people what they want. Lol I think it is more like getting what you want..LOL
    If you were giving back to others for something that you do not reap the rewards then yes you could compare yourself to the iceberg . Try feeding under privilege or something that gives but not takes.

  4. People who don’t put in the effort themselves to get things done, often seem to say that sort of thing. They then get jealous and bitchy. Sad really.


  5. I have people tell me how lucky I am all the time. I’m definitely blessed and a bit lucky it worked out, but I worked my a** off to get here… and right now I’m living in a (boat) parking lot waiting for chain plates. so, not lucky all the time.

  6. I have not read any responses to some of your posts so I have not been exposed to any negative remarks related to your being ‘lucky’. Some may get lucky but most, like yourselves, work very hard for their goals. I admire both of you.

    It is this admiration for you and your achievements that elicits my post. Since your parting with “One Love” you have allowed your hurt, pain and anquish show in your blog. This is understandable although uniwse and may in the long run tarnish your reputation. Again you let your ‘feelings’ and not professionalism get the best of you and you feel the need to defend yourself about being ‘lucky’.

    DON’T fall for that! You two are better than that.

    • Hi Steven

      I appreciate your comment but this blog is nothing but my opinions and feelings. You really want me to sensor that?

      Here is what I do… when I like something, I say it. When I don’t, I say it. When someone is an @ss, I’ll say that too. That honesty IS my reputation!

  7. β€œShallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”
    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    Says it all in under 20 words. Better than any original comment I can come up with

    • Indeed.

      There seems to be a strong inverse relationship to the folk who are lucky and the folk who make excuses.

      • Folks aren’t making excuses stating fact. Don’t jump to conclusions that if a person disagrees with the circumstances that they have not put just as much effort into their lives. A forum is just that, one that can approach a subject from both sides. I commend Mike for printing the negatives with the positives that shows integrity.
        A fact is that not all people agree with the way a boat is being purchased.. It has nothing to do with people being lazy, lucky etc

        • Well, two things…

          1. This is not a forum, it is our personal blog. If you come on here and essentially attack what we’re doing, don’t be surprised when I, and our friends, get defensive.
          2. You not only said that what we were doing is wrong, you implied that anyone could do it. Perhaps anyone “could” do it, if they put in the time and effort that we do. The fact is that most don’t. That is my point.

        • Mike β€” my reply here was to the Emerson quote. There’s no jumping to any conclusions from my part.

  8. So this couple had a dream, made it happen and brought a lot of dreamers and doers along for the ride. The Zero to Cruising blog is both entertaining and informative for thousands of readers. Is there a value to that? I think so.
    As someone who has both followed the blog and spent a week with Mike & Rebecca on One Love, I think I am qualified to say they earn everything they have. For those folks who want to spend $5,000 for a week of sailing and learning, this is a rare opportunity. That so many people are interested is testament to the value of Mike & Rebecca’s story and skills. This sounds like a win-win to me.
    Looking forward to the continuing story!

  9. I started my business twelve years ago. My better half tells me I worked about twenty years in those twelve. She may be underestimating. Hard work, dedication and quality pay off, even after the taxman cometh.

    Just don’t sell a business to K e s t r e l Aircraft company and hold the paper at the same time. It will be a very, very costly mistake. Three years later (a few weeks ago) I said the heck with it and closed my ‘seized back’ business. I am heading your way in October, from Maine.

    You have a goal and dreams. Many others waste their time complaining. You’ll get somewhere – they won’t.

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