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While I’m sure you can imagine that Rebecca and I have been working hard the past couple of months and need some R&R, One Love has been working hard too and also deserves some pampering. As evidence that we’re not neglecting her, we spent our first morning off charter giving our hard-working Northern Lights generator some good TLC. Changing the engine oil, and replacing the oil and fuel filters were all on the to-do list. Fortunately, Rebecca and I are getting pretty efficient at all of this stuff so it didn’t take too large a chunk of time out of our day. No, we had plenty of time left to pick up our laundry and do some grocery shopping. I know, glamorous, right?


  1. Yeah, but you guys are kicking ass and I have no doubt you will CONTINUE to kick ass in the charter business.! Great boat, great owner, great crew, great PR on line. You got glamour all right and hopefully plenty of…cha ching $ 🙂 And of course somewhere down the line you’ll get a kick ass vacation from the boat too. 🙂

  2. Did you change the fuel filters as a matter of routine or because the vacuum gauges indicated the need?

    • I never had one installed on the gen set Racor and in truth, I removed them from the engines too (temporarily). I could not get a perfect seal and they were letting air into the system, forcing me to bleed the fuel lines all the time. I’m sure that was my fault but I haven’t bothered trying to fix it again.

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