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If you really want it to rain, all you need to do is plan a huge outdoor party. That’s what happened here anyway. The now infamous-in-Georgetown Run-Aground Ron, in conjunction with dozens of other cruisers, had spent weeks planning what Ron called a “Dinghy Disco Ball.” The concept was for cruisers to bring their dinghies to his boat and raft them up, creating a 360 circle around it. Then, with some method of propulsion, the dinghies would circle the boat, receiving a frozen margarita each time they passed the stern swim platform.

A DJ was organized (Rockin’ Ron), lights were set up and multiple blenders were ready for the task of supplying the libations, but as people started to arrive, the worst rain squall since we’ve been here in Georgetown set down upon us. What did he do? He invited everyone on board of course. I am not sure how many people are supposed to fit on a 41 foot Hatteras but I would bet it’s quite a bit less than the 50 or 60 that were there that night.

What was our role in all this? Having learned that Rebecca used to teach pole dancing, Ron was determined to set up a pole on his boat and have her perform. And with a bit of help, he did. A whisker-pole, secured in the hawse pipe, functioned as a crude dance pole and as the rain subsided, we were able to move up to the bow to enjoy it.

Fifteen bottles of tequila were consumed that night and as you might imagine, everyone left the place happy. Although the disco ball raft-up didn’t occur as planned, the party won’t soon be forgotten. Thanks Ron, Charm and all who came together to make it happen.

I’m sorry to say that our camera didn’t get much use that night but I’m sure some photos of the event will soon surface. In the meantime, here is a video of Rebecca dancing to give you a bit of a taste of what went on.


  1. Bravo Rebecca! Excellent.

  2. I am going back to Strictly Sail today to do what Rebecca does on a mast of a sailboat……That is just incredible Rebecca

  3. It takes more than a rain storm to dampen a cruiser’s party!

  4. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    In the end its only water , as long as its warm , But the dance show would of taken away the thought of rain. I have told sonja we need a pole for her to keep fit on, on our Cat. when we get one. I got ackes n pains just watchn Rebbeca LOl great show. Thanks

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