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  • Snorkeling…

Yes, I know the bottom of the dinghy needs to be cleaned.
That might make it onto today’s chore list.

  • A walk to a nearby village…


This is the river that I mentioned that you need to cross to get to the town.
I’m glad the water wasn’t any higher!

  • Sunset on the boat…

We were fishing in that exact spot the other day.
I hope these guys had more luck than we did.

  • And finally, a party on the beach…

A 60+ foot cat came in and anchored in the bay and Mame Elma organized this band pretty much just for them. They turned out to be cool people and a fun party ensued.

George and Katherine will be leaving us today, heading south towards the end of the island.
Hopefully we catch up to Earthling again soon.

Rebecca would make an awesome entertainment coordinator on a boat or at a resort!

My rope trick was a huge hit.

A day many moms could appreciate I think!


  1. Definitely looks like a great Mother’s Day that I could appreciate. Glad Rebecca had a great one!

  2. I actually think we all received a great fathers day with that video…Thank you Rebecca

  3. Great! Brilliant Rebecca – you clearly enjoyed your day.

    Mike, what is the significance of the pig, in pics about your wife???? 🙂 🙂


    • I was hungry and it made be think of bacon. A LOT of bacon!

      Seriously though, it is the first time we have seen someone walking down the street with a giant hog on a leash. 🙂

  4. What version of the TRX do you have onboard? (It’s very obviously working well!) The TRX link leads to too many choices.
    Does just clicking the TRX link give you guys any credits? There are so many TRX’ s for sale on Kijiji that I will probably end up getting one from there simply because of lower cost. Thanks

    • Beware of really cheap TRX units being sold on the web as people have been reports of people knocking them off and there have been serious quality complaints from the cheaper reproductions, some of which would involve risks during certain exercises!

      As for the TRX, there is only 1 TRX. The only choice on the website is what instructional material is being sold with it (DVDs, books, accessories). I recommend the TRX force kit as it comes with the most extensive program, in our opinion.

      As for credits, we receive a small bonus if someone purchases a unit from TRX after clicking on our link. We receive nothing if someone just clicks the link and looks at the site.

      Thanks for thinking of us!

  5. Mike,
    I will understand when you tell me ‘You don’t get much work done during Rebecca’s workout.’

  6. Mike, you are definitely living the good life.
    Thanks for sharing a video of your good fortune.
    And thanks for sharing Zero to Cruising.

  7. We have an early disturbance to watch on this side of the ditch:
    Hope your side has a mild H season.

  8. Looks like a great Mother’s Day to me! I assume that someplace in there were phone calls from kids!

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