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Before Rebecca and I decided, I mean really made the commitment, to sell everything and head off sailing, I very much enjoyed buying things, especially electronics and toys. These days, while I still lust over shiny new things, I know we have neither the room on our boat to hold a lot of extra stuff nor do we have the income to support a bunch of unnecessary purchases. I still do dream though and that’s why I kind of have a love-hate relationship with our friend Bob’s blog Boat Bits.

While, on the one hand, Bob preaches frugality with respect to boat stuff, he also frequently posts about cool guitars. It is one of these last posts that has started me counting the days until Christmas. Christmas isn’t that far off, is it?

A carbon fiber guitar… perfect for a boat?


  1. Dude. That video just convinced me. Oh, wait. I don’t know how to play yet. But seriously, that is a fabulous idea!

  2. When’s your birthday, Mike? How about your wedding anniversary? Or it could just be Christmas in April! It does l00k cool, and perfect for this watery environment we live in.

  3. Got a guitar and know how to play – just saving for the boat (a purchase this August/September). However, got to get me one of these little numbers, great find!

  4. Any idea how much? I get nervous when the website doesn’t say!!!

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