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Our home for the time being is the Hog Island anchorage on the south-eastern coast of Grenada. This is a very popular spot for cruisers with many apparently setting down roots for the entire season. Why? It is a safe anchorage for one thing, considered a hurricane hole by some. It also lacks all of the hustle and bustle that some of the nearby marina-lined bays have (Note: this sentence is a huge exaggeration because to describe anything down here as “hustle and bustle” is stretching the usage of that phrase to the limit).

Our friends told us of some of the controversy with respect to Hog Island, including the fact that it was almost entirely bulldozed into a “moonscape” just a couple of years ago. During our walk around the island yesterday, you would hardly know it, save for the odd bit of “road” that must have once been used by the heavy machinery.

Roger’s Bar, located on the small beach right in front of where we are anchored, is as rustic as it gets. But again, that’s all part of the charm of this place!

Do trust your charts and your eyes when entering through the dangerous reefs here instead of looking for the charted navigational aids. Some of the lateral buoys are missing and others are not in the correct places.

The bridge connecting Hog Island to the mainland.

Save for these posts, marking the location of the building lots, there is no sign of development.

Another little “bar” we found on the other side of the island. No one was around.

Conversation overheard on the helicopter while being evacuated to the hospital: “So tell me once again, you hurt yourself doing what?”

A friend for our rubber ducks perhaps?

This crab took suntanning to a whole new level.

This shows just how fast the weather can change here. We saw this squall rolling in and knew we were going to get wet.

Dance poles everywhere!

Yup, it’s raining!

Roger’s is a very popular spot on Sundays and holidays.


  1. We were sailing yesterday on our friends boat and we were planning on heading to Hog Island to have drinks and food, but that storm deterred us so we just anchored off Grand Anse instead…seems cool!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love the progression of shots as the squall was coming, very cool. Have fun enjoying and exploring.

  3. Amazing photos guys. Love the fun and randomness you get up to. Only just found out about your blog but havent been able to tear myself away from it.
    Hits lots of feelings very close to home.. Jarvis and I on Croc Bones will be landing in Grenada in a few weks time and Hog Islands sounds like perfect place to check out.

    Continue to live the dream and keep up the random photos! Love it 🙂

    • Call us on the radio when you get here. We’d love to have you join in some random fun:)

      FYI, the hailing channel for southern Grenada is 68, not 16 (similar to Georgetown)

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  5. Brings back the memories from last month

  6. I had a fun time on the private island.

  7. This is a great story! A friend of ours mentioned that we should spend some time on Hog Island and I was hunting for some information about it, with photos and your site was complete with both. I especially love your pole dancing technique, great shot! Cheers, Christel S/V Catherine

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