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While wasting time on Facebook yesterday, wading through the seemingly endless political posts, and mind-numbing reports of shootings and riots, I stumbled across this video. In that sea of negativity, I found something good! While you may not see a direct parallel to cruising, I’m sharing it here because I believe that it is there, if you look.

Am I ready to follow in his shoes? No, but the video does reinforce several things that I have come to believe:

  • People are generally good if we give them a chance.
  • More money is not the answer.
  • We need to stop being afraid, because it’s fear that is holding us back.

If you enjoyed the video, you may get something out of this article too.


Frost at anchor yesterday.


  1. I LOVED that video!!! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. So true. Just last week we were “rescued” by some wonderful people while on a trip. I remember once we completely destroyed our propeller and were stranded on an island but , incredibly we met some fellow sailors who had the exact propeller we needed which they GAVE to us. We mailed them the money for it when we got home. Another time we were towed in to port after running out of fuel. Its absolutely true and inspiration to help other people around us and pay it forward..

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