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It’s cold outside, it’s snowing, and all I can think about is heading south!

Most non-boaters around here assume that for us to head to the Caribbean we would need to sail down the St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean, make a sharp right turn and head south from there. I will admit that not too long ago I would have thought exactly the same thing! The actual route that most people take is through the New York Canal systems, specifically the Oswego and Erie Canals.

After crossing Lake Ontario from Kingston we will enter the canals at Oswego. If all goes as planned, after making our way along the path indicated on the maps (above and below), we will ultimately be spit out in New York City! Our friend Christian Montes has an awesome martial arts gym in NYC. Hopefully we will be able to hook up with him to visit a bit and train. Are you reading this Christian?

Where to from there? If we leave when we say we are going to, and rush our way south, we will end up exactly where we don’t want to be during hurricane season (June 1 – Nov. 30). Our plans thus have us heading a bit further south from NYC to the Chesapeake Bay area where we will enjoy, what we have heard, is awesome cruising. At some point we will need to make it to the Capital Yacht Club to hook up with Bill to get our SSB radio installed. We would also like to have the chance to meet up with some of the other local ‘boat people‘ we have either met in person or online. One of these people has written a guide book on cruising the Delmarva Peninsula. We just ordered a copy so hope to have the inside scoop on the area before we arrive.


  1. I am indeed reading this, Mike.
    you and Rebecca are welcome anytime!
    when is this happening??

  2. Mike & Rebecca
    Hope we get a chance to cross paths, as well.
    Look for us when you get to the Chesapeake at:
    Unless, of course, we are someplace else. 🙂

    Kirk & Donna

  3. Well, I see that our planned routes interesect early, mine from Lake Erie and yours from Lake Ontario. Wouldn’t it be great if we were indeed to be traveling at the same time?!! Keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed that it actually happens! I suspect I’m dreaming.

    One of my planned stops is the Chincoteague/Assateague area. Still remembering books from my childhood!

    • That would be cool and my fingers are crossed for you. Are you still working on getting that Americat?

      BTW, I had to look up Chincoteague/Assateague to see where it is located.

  4. are you guys going to make it up to the Cape, Nantucket or marthas vineyard

    • Once again I actually had to look at a map to be sure where that is 🙁

      Although I think it would be cool to visit the area we actually hadn’t planned on heading north of NYC.

  5. Yes, I’m still looking at the Americat. There is another buyer ahead of me, so I’m hoping they won’t be able to get financing either! I think that’s really nasty of me, but I can’t help it! On the other hand, if that doesn’t work out, I will keep looking. My boat is out there somewhere! I KNOW it is! ( She says with fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!)

  6. Loving your blog! We hope to sail south one day soon on our boat. She has already made the trip with my inlaws to Ft. Lauderdale by the same route you’re planning (planned…..have already done….I’m considerably behind on the posts!) Our boat was commissioned in 1976 by by in laws and my husband grew up sailing with them. We took ownership two years ago this August and I’m still pretty fresh, but my learning is in overdrive!
    Thanks for all the writing you do! Really enjoying it!
    Dreaming of turquoise water, no traffic, less stuff, and more living.

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