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After spending the last day or so enjoying the warmer weather in Fernandina Beach, FL, we are now ready to head a bit north. Yes, north, but only 45 minutes or so. Our destination is Cumberland Island, GA which we have heard is a not-to-be-missed location.

One of the resources we have been using as of late is the excellent website Active Captain. Although our Skipper Bob guide is never far away, the free and detailed info on the Active Captain site appears much more current. We can use the website’s “Location Search” feature to read details and reviews from a variety of other cruisers for places we wish to visit. The website also lists problem areas and things to avoid. If you’re cruising and are not yet using this great resource, check it out. Oh, I forgot to mention… the Active Captain website is FREE!

Our friend has a 9′ board on his boat so maybe we’ll be able to do some surfing at Cumberland Island


  1. Great post! We’ve never heard of Active Captain or the song. Both are great and we’ve added Active Captain to our favorites for the future. Hope you get to surf! We’ve never done that, and really regret not doing so while in Hawaii. Can’t wait to have the chance again.

  2. Another good resource to add to my list. Thanks.
    I have been using . (we will see if I remember my html) Similar but has aerial pics. I used it to reccee marinas prior to entering and the Erie Canal Locks last spring.

  3. Glad you’re going back to Cumberland Island. You won’t regret that decision. Don’t know if you’re planning on hiking around the island, but if so, I wrote about a couple of decent short trails and put them as my website above.

  4. OK, two steps forward, one step back. Well, it’s not really a step back. Enjoy!!!!

  5. Loved the music video and sent it along to my daughter who is a surfer chick with her hubby. She’ll love it.

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