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With the midpoint of September here, haul-out action has commenced at Collin’s Bay Marina. We sat in our cockpit and watched them consecutively remove three different sailboats from the water and deposit them carefully onto stands which were positioned nearby. Although we have yet to see a Cat get hauled the marina’s owner Hub assures me that it will be no problem.

There are a huge number of tasks that need to be done prior to leaving a boat to rest for the winter. Two new friends, Jeff and Susan, fellow PDQ owners who are currently anchored in Grenada, have been coaching us along with super-detailed emails (Thanks guys). They joked that it will be nice to have an entire new skill set (winter storage) that we will never have to use again once we leave for the South. How true.

Enjoying a morning coffee in our cockpit, watching the action.


  1. You will still have to haul out once in a while, if only to paint the bottom of the keels or do other repairs. During that time you will live aboard on the hard, so the skill set won’t be wasted, other than fitting winter covers and winteizing the engine! By the way, thanks for pointing me toward the multihulls4us site. It’s great! Helen

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