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With our background in running a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu academy, Rebecca and I both have a strong affinity for the country of Brazil. We have numerous friends who either live there or were born there, we have studied the language, and we have had non-English speaking Brazilian friends live with us in our home for months at a time. We even had our honeymoon in Brazil. Imagine our surprise when we found that our latest charter was a family born and raised in our favorite South American country!

The D’Andrea family fit the mold of many of our last groups of charter guests, that being a family with teenage children. In this case, the two teen boys were celebrating their 16th birthday on One Love. How cool is that?

The weather during the charter, the one thing that we can’t control, couldn’t have been better. We had light winds for our travels east but still enough breeze to allow us to have some fantastic sails. We were greeted by dolphins on both our initial passage, and on our final sail back from Jost Van Dyke to St. John. You can’t beat dolphins for getting people excited.

This charter was also special in that Andrea, the mom of the group, is a professional photographer. She was seldom without her camera, taking images for work, and was kind enough to share a number of the images below (the ones without the One Love watermark). Please take a moment to visit her website and check out some of her work!

“Food was a positive surprise. Much better than my expectations. Dinners were the Best!” — Willian D.


  1. So jealous, we haven’t seen dolphins while sailing in a long time! What a great way to celebrate turning 16. Safe travels & avoid the swells.

  2. My Dad used to say “You work when everyone is working and you play when everyone is playing” Meaning its not great to have a job in the vacation industry. And, after living at the beach for a time and working there, that seemed to be true. Reading y’all and looking over the pictures, I might have to say that yours is the exception.

  3. Hey Mike and Rebecca,
    We just closed the deal on a Moorings Leopard and were researching the pitfalls of the phase out program when we came across an article that linked to you. Love your blog.

    So now we are heading to the BVI’s to meet our broker and do the survey.
    As fellow Canadians we’d love to meet up with you and pick your brain on the lifestyle of a live aboard. We have a LOT of questions and kinda feel like we already know you through your BLOG adventures.
    We’re moving down fulltime in July and the more firsthand information we can amass the better so we figured why not see if you had time to chat when we’re in town around April 24th.
    Hope to near back from you!

  4. All the photos look incredible. What camera system was being used for the underwater shots?

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