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In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, here are some pics of emerald green water for you to enjoy. Thanks to our friend Steve from Alternate Latitude for pointing us towards Buck Island. The snorkeling there with the turtles was excellent!

FYI, Steve offers charters in the Virgin Islands and he has a beautiful yacht. Rebecca and I had a tour of it yesterday. If you book with him and use ZTC as your discount code, you’ll actually receive $500.00 off the charter fee. $500.00 would buy a lot of green beer!


  1. You just gave a way a great secret spot…lol….Beautiful pictures…Sooooo Clear

    • It is far from a secret. Just a few miles from Charlotte Amalie, day charter cats bring loads of people there every day. There are a dozen balls there for day use. In spite of that, it is well worth the trip.

  2. Those are some of the best pictures you’ve ever posted. Fabulous!!!

  3. For some reason , after following your blog for quite a while, I thought you and Rebecca might enjoy St.Croix……the Caribbean’s ‘Best kept Secret’. Don’t tell too many about it…..Sure would not want to spoil it for those of us that live here!……Jay…..

  4. Where is this aquarium that you have found?



  5. Following your blog from the beginning- it looks as if your snorkeling skills/comfort level underwater have improved greatly! Very nice St. Paddy Day pics.

  6. Those are great underwater pictures!.

    The colors are fantastic.


  7. Wife and I got our PADI dive certifications while we were on St. Croix a few years ago. They have some nice water there for diving/snorkeling.

    Does the Cruzan Rum distillery still have the free tour..and more importantly…free tasting?

  8. The wife and I were there this past Wednesday on a cruise ship excursion, fantastic. The visibility is unlimited to the bottom; a great spot.

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