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Would you like to do away with carrying a bunch of expensive flares on your boat; things that always seem to expire much earlier than you believe they should? I know I sure would. Well, perhaps this is the ticket: Sirius Signal SOS Distress Light with Distress Flag.

Here are the key advertising points:

  • USCG Approved Alternative to Pyrotechnic Marine Flares and Flare Guns
  • Visible for Over 10 Nautical Miles, Power: (3) Alkaline C Batteries (Incl.)
  • One Time Purchase: No Expiration Date, No Disposal is Needed

I’ve already read about a number of people ditching their handheld flares for this device. I know that I want one, or maybe two!


  1. I am seriously thinking of getting one for the simple reason it’s almost impossible to properly dispose of out of date flares.

  2. I just got one but plan on carrying a SOLAS parachute flare or two also. In this age of strobes everywhere do you think s-o-s will be recognized as needing help?

  3. Heh heh! There was a young lady dressed up as one of these devices promoting them at the boat show. Possible halloween costume?

  4. We have a couple of the “made in Alaska” emergency laser flares, I can’t remember the exact name. In looking at what you’re proposing, a thought comes to mind. Suppose your boat sinks and you end up in the liferaft. Holding that flare in your hand, you can be sure that it will last a long time and WILL be seen by “searching” aircraft. It WILL NOT however, be seen by other vessels in the area, if there is any appreciable sea state. How can another ship, even two miles away, see this flare in a “modest sea state” of only 10 feet. Are you going to stand in the open doorway of the raft and try to point the flare at a ship? At least with a parachute flare, you can launch it up into the sky and it will burn as it falls over the next 30 seconds. I do agree with buying two of these flares, but I don’t think its a complete substitute for all pyrotechnic flares.

  5. Completely of subject, but I noticed on the site it shows Zero to Cruising as being sold. If so, congratulations! If not, heads up they got it wrong.

  6. Just bought one at the Annapolis boat show. I plan on keeping my expired flares, etc. as a backup but will have this to always be in compliance. I think at least some of my old ones will work , I have a bunch of expired ones.

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