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A little over a year ago I wrote a post describing some options for remaining connected when at sea, away from Wi-Fi, and away from cell service. Among those devices was the DeLorme InReach Explorer. Since the time that I first published that blog entry, I’ve read about countless cruisers using the devices to keep in touch. What I wasn’t aware of is that, at the beginning of 2016, the GPS giant Garmin acquired DeLorme.

What does that mean for the popular satellite communicators? Apparently Garmin’s take on the DeLorme device, the InReach Explorer, will soon hit the shelves. I’ve yet to attempt a side by side comparison of the devices but at first glance, they seem pretty similar. And if so, maybe this is the time to purchase one of the current models at a reduced price? Anyone with some intel on this should feel free to share. Old or new, it still looks like these devices are among the best options out there.