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They say that true friends don’t need to be in daily contact to remain as such, that even when separated by a large distance for a considerable amount of time, they can pick up right where they left off when reunited. Although I can’t speak for him, that is how Rebecca and I felt yesterday when we met back up with our cruising friend Kirk.

Kirk had just arrived in Grenada after helping to deliver a catamaran down from the Virgin Islands. The only sad part of the whole exchange is that his wife Donna wasn’t able to make the trip down here. We miss her smiling face a lot too!

On the subject of deliveries…

Speaking of deliveries, I was fascinated to read this account of the Robertson and Caine catamaran that went missing last year. I remember the occurrence, but don’t recall hearing any of the details. While delivery captains certainly have the final say, or at least they should, the article paints the picture that there were factors at play that might have contributed to the tragedy. The post, while long, is worth the read.


We really do like the Leopard catamarans.


  1. Happy reunion. Cheers!

  2. That’s a sad story of how bad things can get. I guess for me the big ‘takeaway’ is how important it is to ‘trust but verify’ – especially in areas where your safety is concerned. Also, as much as possible plan on the unexpected, such as carrying back-ups for critical equipment.

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