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Where are you going? Saba. Where are you going? Statia and then Saba, or maybe the other way around. For weeks we’ve been answering the “where are you going” question with the same basic reply, “South, we’re going south.” In proper cruising fashion though, all that may have changed in the blink of an eye.

Some may remember reading about our friend Michael who chartered the Leopard 4600 with us back in September. He recently put in an offer on the same model of boat and it is lying in the British Virgin Islands, about 90 miles west of here. We’ve always wanted to go back to the BVIs but the thought of having to beat our way back east was a huge deterrent. Now that our friend is looking at this boat though, and he’d appreciate our help with the survey process, we’re pretty much ready to say “screw it” and head there to see him.

Taken at the Bubbly Pool, Jost Van Dyke, BVI.

Of course, that’s only one reason to go to the Virgin Islands again. We have several friends there that we’d love to see again and there are so many cool places to visit. All that, I’m sure, will make the inevitable beat (bash!) back east later this season well worth it. At least I can tell myself that now.

Another “Valentine’s Day” appropriate BVI pic.

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  1. Go for it! Love to hear how the survey goes and the outcome. Most likely be doing the same ourselves next year..

  2. Wishing you fair weather… maybe you’ll get lucky and the winds will favor you and you won’t have to bash. But…. you know… bashing builds character. (Ha, like you need more of that!)

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