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With all this talk of air conditioning, electric winches and other luxuries, it might be easy for new ZTC readers to get the impression that Rebecca and I feel that all this stuff is necessary to go cruising. On the contrary, nothing could be further from the truth. We are huge advocates of the “go small and go now” movement. Take a few moments and watch the following cool video. It’s just one more piece of evidence to show that while others are on land simply dreaming about cruising, others are out here really making it happen!


  1. I love Kevin’s video! It is inspirational for sure. If you need inspiration on where to start, certainly the short read book “Leap Of Faith” outlines how to easily move in the right direction.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, fond memories of my *dirt-bag ways of the past. 😉 It was so simple with less and life was so full to the brim anyway!

    *small wood boat sailor in Carribean

  3. Yeah, y’all aren’t “cruising” anymore. You’re running a floating vacation destination. Still cool though.

  4. Long time follower, first time posting! I would love to click on the link, but it doesn’t work.
    By the way, you are my heros, and I am living vicariously thru you both. I have a plan and have begun learning to sail. I do have almost 30 years of power boating on the great Lakes.

  5. VERY cool, indeed! Hope to be doing this ourselves in the not too distant future. Just picked up our 35 foot cutter rigged sloop and are using this season to get to know her better.

    Fair winds!

    • Hi Nick. Glad you liked it!

      I could be wrong but I think a sloop is a sloop (single forestay) and a cutter is a cutter (two forestays). I don’t think it can be a cutter and a sloop.

  6. Excellent post……… My father would say to me “you are a long time dead, go enjoy life”. I really want to live up to his thinking. His words came back to me reading your post, thanks. I will be out there soon.

  7. Nice one.

    Just FYI ’cause the video failed to load on my mobile. It’s also on Vimeo in mobile-friendly version :).


  8. I was able to load it on my laptop just fine. What a great life! Someday, I will do the same. I am still working on convincing my beautiful wife, but she is getting used to the idea.

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