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From what we have read, to aide in remembering the contact info for friends met during travels, many cruisers have Boat Cards printed up. As we have always had business cards at work, the whole concept of boat cards made perfect sense to us. We are, however, trying to be frugal so we sought out one of the offerings for free business cards that one can find on the net. We settled on Vista Print and we were amazed at their service. Their website is very easy to manage, and although it is set up to get you to spend money*, their offer of free cards is legit. Their basic free offering will give you 250 cards, printed from one of a large number of templates that you chose from.

If you would like one of our boat cards you can download it here (right click and Save as…).

To obtain your own free cards you can order from the Canadian website or the US one.

*We opted to pay a little bit more to not have their website address printed on the back. We were also sold on upgrading the quantity from 250 to 500 for an additional 5 bucks. One thing you do not need to spend extra on is shipping. We opted to take the slowest, cheapest method that they offered and we still had the cards in our hands within a couple of days!


  1. How funny … I met someone in St-Thomas who had the exact same picture for their “boat cards” …

    • 🙂

      It was the one of several “nautical” templates that you could choose from at Vistaprint. I liked it the best so obviously the people you met had similar tastes.

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