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There are several reasons why people stop exercising, even those who have exercised consistently for years. An injury/illness, a move to another location, or the death of a loved one are all occurrences that typically break people’s routine of working out and thus making it much more difficult to get back into it.

I recently had to deal with one of these incidents when my mom lost her life in a tragic car accident. Although I had all intentions of exercising when I returned back to Canada to be with my family, the only strength I could gather was that which I gave to my family and to all those who had come to know my mom.

Upon my return to our boat in the Bahamas however, I was anxious to get back to my workout routine. I am happy to say that unlike many others who have difficulty getting back into the routine of working out, I am back at it! I believe the trick to forming a routine is to be consistent. After a few days, or perhaps a week or 2 it’ll become a habit (just like brushing your teeth) that will just become a part of your day!

Below is quick body weight workout that will get your heart rate up:

Pyramid routine:

20 Burpees
1 Push up
19 Burpees
2 Push ups
18 Burpees
3 Push ups

continue until…
1 Burpee
20 Push ups

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