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It’s 9:22 AM and I’ve just started writing today’s blog entry. As is typical for us, and many other cruisers in the southern latitudes, we get an early start on the day. Although the sun has only been up for a few hours, Rebecca and I have already accomplished a fair amount. At least 30 minutes was spent this morning repairing a number of broken links on the blog and we’ve each worked out (although we often train together today we did so separately). The fluid levels in our battery bank have been checked and topped up and our windlass has been inspected to make sure it functions properly and had some preventative lubrication added to it (we’ve been stationary for a couple of weeks so it’s important to run things like that periodically).

Why start so early? In short order the sun will be high in the sky making it so warm that most of those jobs would be a lot less comfortable to do. We also prefer to get our work done early so that we can have the afternoons for recreation. This afternoon specifically will be the first of this season’s weekly volleyball games. Rebecca and I, along with three other cruisers, spent several hours last week giving the volleyball court some badly-needed TLC. Volleyball was a nice social get-together here last year as I anticipate it will be this season too. We’re looking forward to seeing some of our old buddies on the court as well as making some new friends.


  1. Good morning. You were talking above about the heat in the tropics and getting an early start. My question is…are you still using your fans a lot?

    • Almost never. We get such a good flow of breeze in our boat (the wind always blows here) that they are hardly ever necessary. The exception to this is when it is raining and we must keep the hatches closed. Then it is stifling and the fans are welcomed.

      I do think that monohulls might have a different experience though as their living space is largely below the waterline. Ours on the other hand is not.

  2. Wow, the V-ball court really deteriorated since we were there. Looks like all the duct tape and zip ties couldn’t stand up to the elements. Maybe you can put a call out for a donation of a new net from some willing and generous corporate sponsor. You guys have fun this year. We’ll miss the Tues and Thurs V-ball.

    • A generous sponsor… wouldn’t that be nice. What you see in those pics is AFTER the repair job. I had to add about 50 zip ties and then (re) duct tape the protective strip over top of it.

  3. What do you guys do during the peak sun/heat hours of the day…Say 10 to 2……..

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