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The big event in the regatta yesterday was the Coconut Challenge. For weeks now, volunteers have been collecting coconuts to be used in a series of games, the most significant of which was called the Coconut Harvest.

The rules of the event go something like this: teams of four people propel their dinghy around the water using flippers (one per person, generally used like a paddle in your hand). The job of each team is to collect as many coconuts as possible, which have been released into the water by volunteers, before the timer blows.

Once again we teamed up with our friends Jeff and Cassandra on Jus Chilln’, forming team Zero 2 Chilln’. Did we have a blast? Absolutely. Did we kick @ss? Absolutely. The final point tally had us with 132 points, almost 50 points higher than the second place team. Our bounty for winning the event was 4 bottles of rum, four blue pennants and two prize coconuts. It may now be time for another rum party!

Yes, we brought “practice coconuts.” 🙂

Bags of coconuts, waiting to be released by volunteers.

And they’re off!

Moving towards the coconuts.


We got an early lead.

A small dinghy and large flippers helped us to get out of the pack early.

The gold-painted coconuts were worth 5 points as opposed to 1. We collected 4 of the 5 gold nuts.

Defending our booty before the official count.

Our harvest: 119 normal coconuts and 4 gold ones!

The blue pennant!

*Thanks to Pollie, Andy and Mike for the great photos!


  1. You guys have gone nuts!

  2. Way cool! Congratulations!

  3. Great job! I work in a middle school with 1,100 plus kids and I needed a good laugh this morning!

    At this point I would say have a great weekend but every day for you looks great!

  4. Reminds me of our “Pumpkin Race”. Looks like so much fun!! Congrats!

  5. You guys are having too much fun! What a blast! 4 bottles of rum and 2 coconuts….hmmm…those proportions seem about right.

  6. You guys are having way tooo much fun!!!!!

  7. Well, now that you have all your nuts—! Sounds as though waiting for chips isn’t ALL bad!

  8. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    Hi folks & well done inthe coco, race, I have just found this on the web & you may find it interesting for safety.
    Gas Warning for Boat Engines
    Friday March 4, 2011
    Have you noticed a new sticker appearing on some gas station pumps about 15% ethanol? While this new E15 fuel may be safe for cars, boaters with gas engines already know about the problems that have resulted from even the 10% formulation. Marinas are not supposed to sell the 15% stuff, but boaters who fill a gas can at their local station for use in an outboard engine could accidentally end up with E15, which might cause significant problems. (My sailboat engine is diesel, but my dinghy outboard uses gas, and I’ve been known to use auto gas – no more!)

    The Coast Guard Auxiliary has just issued a bulletin explaining the problem and warning boaters. They quote a BoatUS analysis of the technical issues involved in the many engine components affected by E15, concluding: “The failure of only one of these components in your engine could lead to failure or, worse, a fire or explosion.” Yikes! Stay away from this gas!

  9. Richard Hutchings ( Captain's Choice Marine) - Reply

    Didn’t you two leave like in August and after all this time, you’re still in the Bahamas??????? Wow, I would have thought you would have been way down island by now. Now I have heard of vacation time but you’re not going to make Granada till fall of 2015. OR…did you guys retire and not ever coming back to the real world?? lol Have a great time you two and all the best in your adventure. Email me when you get down lisland for help if needed.


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