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While much of this season Rebecca and I have been travelling by ourselves, the last week or so we have found ourselves sharing our anchorage with a number of cruising buddies. Some of these friends we have spent time with in previous years while others, like David and Alexandra on s/v Banyan, we have only just connected with in the last couple of days.

We are always on the look out for fun games to play, especially ones that take up very little space on the boat. Last night our friends on Nahanni River introduced us to an excellent one: LCR Dice. It is fun, super simple to learn and best of all, extremely inexpensive. We definitely need to acquire a set!


  1. great game. they are so cheap I bought a bunch and gave them to friends so they all have them at parties I attend. Keep one in the car etc. Amazon has them usually for about 5 bucks.

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  3. Awesome pic. We can’t wait to get out there too!!! We are just at the very beginning of “getting it together”.

  4. What a happy looking bunch of people. Most are on soft drinks too!.


  5. Love that game. Only we play it with dollars. We start with 3 each and noone is out until the very end. Only 3 to get in and depending how many people play the pot can get big. The oohs and aahs volume with each role is in direct proportion with how much money is in the pot. Have fun!

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