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There’s a good chance that you’ve already seen this inspiring video but even if you have, it’s a perfect thing to watch again on Dream Day (Sunday).

If you’re looking for something technical to discuss, what do you think of his jackline setup?


  1. The issue with metal hooks is that they wear away the galvanizing on the chain.
    Re-galvanizing chain is expensive and a pain in the butt.

    These days I dispense with the hook and tie rolling hitches to the chain.

    • We used a rolling hitch all the time on ZTC when we were anchoring on road. I’ve never done it on chain though although I believe that it works. My assumption is that the risk to the chain from a metal hook is negligible, especially if it is being placed on a different link every time you anchor.

  2. Just what do you think inspired my idea about downsizing! I even linked to this video in my post. I’ve actually been debating downsizing on and off since I first saw this video a year or so ago when it was first posted..

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