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The internet is an incredible resource for learning. But as mentioned in the Kindle thread, it is sometimes nice to have an actual paper book in your hands as opposed to reading off a computer screen. Even though I still consider a good book to be an investment, I think magazines are hugely overpriced these days (there go all of my magazine sponsorship plans)!

In the past I would have dropped close to 10 bucks Canadian on a magazine without thinking too much about it, but no longer. For this reason I thought it was especially cool that I stumbled across a couple of cruising magazines that offer their back issues, and/or their current issue, online for download, FREE! A little bit of bandwidth later and I now have a ton of reading material to keep me going.

Because we are members of the Seven Seas Cruising Association the last one on the list is free for us, or at least I assume that’s why it is, as I found the directory link on their website. So I guess we can’t really call that one free. Rather it is more like a membership perk.

If you know of any other magazines that have issues available for download please let me know and I will update the post.

On the subject of the Kindle, we have had plenty of positive comments for them, both on and off the Blog. Sounds like it is at least worth checking out!


  1. Just went and had a read through the Latitudes and Attitudes magazine. Great article in there about living through the Samoa Tsunami!! Wow.

  2. Southwinds and Compass might be interesting magazines, too.

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