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It should go without saying but traveling, or vagabonding as Livia and Carol have come to call it, needn’t be done on a sailboat. Take our friend Christian for example. Here is a young guy who ran a martial arts gym back in Denmark, much like the one we used to run. He got the itch to travel the world too and is now out there doing it, going from country to country, training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and apparently having a great time doing so. He is also keeping an excellent blog of his travels with some incredible photos so I encourage you to check it out, even if it doesn’t involve boats. 🙂 We’re looking forward to having him visit us sometime this summer when we’re in Grenada. Keep up the great work, Christian.

As for us, we’re now someplace in the US Virgin Islands (depending on when you read this post we may be at anchor in Linburg Bay, St. Thomas or on route to some other place). The 15 or so mile passage (The Virgin Passage!) that we took yesterday between Culebrita and St. Thomas was both bumpy and rolly (two entirely different negative experiences). We could have waited for some better weather as our smart friends did but we were getting antsy to move on. Anyway, it’s not the worst we have experienced and no bodies or boat parts were hurt in the process. 🙂


  1. Mike
    Be very careful IF you decide to stay around Charlotte Amalie…its really bad ass and dangerous !!!
    St John is much nicer on the north coast areas. Have fun thats my old stomping ground. 🙂

  2. Hey Mike and Rebecca, You will love the Virgin Islands 🙂 We have been there 4 times now and starting to plan the 5th. Some good friends of ours are down there now…look for a 41 ft Lagoon named Indigo from TMM Charters. Marty is the captain. If you happen to run into them just knock on the hull and tell them Mark and Rose sent you over for a Painkiller.

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