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A little over a week ago I wrote a post entitled What would you pack in your bag? I’m sure this won’t surprise anyone who knows me, I don’t like to pack at the last minute. As such, we’ve already begun setting aside items for our trip to Puerto Rico on Monday. Knowing that the present owner of the boat that we’re going to survey will be removing all of his tools, we’ll be bringing quite a few of them with us, just in case. Below is a list of what we’ve, thus far, decided to carry with us. Yes, we’ll be checking a bag, or rather, two, I suspect.

Puerto Del Rey Marina, where we’ll be traveling to.

  • Mustang Inflatable PFDs (2) (only because I don’t own the ones listed at the bottom of yesterday’s post)
  • Snorkel and Mask (2)
  • Raincoats (2)
  • iPad Mini (2) – 1 with GPS and Garmin Bluechart Mobile installed
  • iPhone
  • 12V USB charging adapters – 2
  • 120V USB charging adapter
  • GoPro
  • Various charging cables
  • Charging brick
  • Multimeter
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches
  • Wire crimpers/strippers with misc. connectors
  • Small socket set
  • Allen Keys
  • Strap Wrench
  • Various pliers
  • Amsteel soft shackles – several
  • Amsteel cord
  • Climbing harness with ascenders
  • Carabiners – several
  • Leatherman
  • Pocket knives – 2
  • Small flashlights – 2
  • Hand bearing compass
  • Garmin GPSMAP 76Cx portable handheld GPS
  • Paper charts for intended passage
  • Handheld VHF
  • Spare batteries
  • Binoculars
  • Sewing/sail repair kit
  • Rescue tape
  • JB Weld
  • Large tie wraps
  • Books (pleasure)
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Hats
  • Clothes

OpenCPN chart representation of the above image.


  1. Does this Amel have USA plugs? Perhaps you might need Euro plus adapters?

    Have a great trip and good luck!

  2. Not sure if this owners manual applies to your Amel model, but it is really well done. Maybe the owner has one he can send you. Great pics of all the systems and electronics. Maybe also download any navigation electronics manuals on your iPads.

    • First, it’s funny that you wrote “your” Amel model. We’re not quite there yet. 🙂

      As for the manual, it is not exactly the same as what we’re looking at. That manual is for a larger, newer version. There are no doubt some similarities though. Thanks.

  3. Don’t forget bring a Hammer to PR– You might need it to hit your head with or possibly fix something on your new Boat.. Maybe both..


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