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A common topic in the news these days is drones, those unmanned aerial vehicles. The military has been using them for years for reconnaissance and attacks (no political commentary on this subject please), says that they want to use them to deliver your packages, and now photographers and videographers are using them to create amazing projects. For example, check out the following super-cool video of our primary chartering grounds, the British Virgin Islands

The above video was produced by Chris Norton from He lists that it was shot on a GoPro 3+ using a DJI Phantom drone from You have to admit, it’s pretty awesome, and it’s only one of many cool videos that I’ve come across that are taking advantage of this technology. It used to be that to get cool aerial footage one would need to rent a helicopter, not an inexpensive proposition. Well, no more. I’m looking forward to being able to share a video like this about One Love. Until then though…


  1. I have the Phantom 2 with the 3D gimbal and a Hero 3+. We will be in Cayman next shooting video for a promo for DNS Diving. Should be fun!

  2. I had just read about personal drones for photography in the newspaper and the next day there were two guys using them on the lawn outside our condo on Kauai. Very cool!

  3. Nice video thanks, and yours of course.

    I covet one of those drones!


  4. Great video of OneLove! Thanks for the little escape. Nice job matching the music to the tempo of the sailing pace.

    Also, I’m wondering who got to go up the mast to take pictures while you were underway? (Or is there some trick you used to get the camera up that high)

    As always, it’s great to hear what you’re up to, thanks.

  5. Thanks for the great video. Always love the releases associated with GoPro. We’ve been playing with the idea of getting one of these drones now that the technology is so cheap. Kind of neat that and are what we sort of narrowed down to, and you got one of them right here. Now if we could just edit as well as Chris…

  6. Hello Mike and Rebecca. I met you guys once at the Collins Bay Yacht club, not too long before your departure, and have been enjoying following your adventures on the blog. Thanks for the constant updates!
    My question is about sun protection. You guys both have serious tans, at least the pictures suggest. What do you use for skin protection down there? How about a little review of dealing with the sun rays closer to the equator for those of us in the North?

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