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Although we didn’t find much open when we went for a walk around Basse Terre, Guadeloupe (remember, don’t visit towns on French islands on Sundays), we were able to get in to explore Fort Delgres. Here are a few pics from that excursion.


  1. I would grab a book, sit on the grass by the wall and look out to the ocean all day……I would not get much reading done……I am not a history buff, but how can’t one just want to soak up the history of all there places you are traveling

  2. When did you pose for the portrait/statue in the rings of standing stones?



  3. Did you get down as far as Vieux Fort? It sounds interesting but I can’t see it on google maps as it is blurred.


  4. What was that crazy circle thing, Tropic Stonehenge?

  5. You tweeted about a cat on the rocks the other day. So whatever became of that?? Will you do that as a daily post? Curious. Thx.

  6. Hi Mike,

    got a couple of questions for you… but couldn’t find your email address.
    Mainly about cruising… we are getting the boat ready and figured you would be the right persone to ask.

  7. Any idea what was behind the door with the danger sign? If it were me I’d be so tempted to open it just to find out. But then again curiosity…

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