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In order to streamline our web presence, and give Rebecca a more modern platform to write on, she and I spent much of the last week transferring all of the content from her StrengthPLUS blog to this site. Even though the content has been live ever since we started adding it, it’s unlikely that most of you would have stumbled across it.


How to access the StrengthPLUS posts:

Although we may doctor the menus a bit in the coming days, to access the new posts today, click on the Fitness link in the main menu. When you do so you’ll arrive on our recently-updated fitness cover page. If you mouse over that link, you’ll bring up a drop-down menu, and if you then click the submenu that also says Fitness, you’ll be able to access all of Rebecca’s health-and-fitness related blog posts.  Go ahead, try it!

There are, at present, 71 posts in that category, in which there are more videos than I even imagined. If you’re at all interested in fitness, please scan the posts at your leisure. If you have any questions for Rebecca, leave a comment on a relevant post. She promises that she’ll bend over backwards to reply, even if it does mean that she’ll need to take a break from working out for a moment or two. 🙂


  1. Wow!…good move!

  2. I am thinking of purchasing a TRX system, and wonder how you attached this to the boat? In your pictures it looks like it is attached to the mast?

    • We do it slightly differently on every boat that we work out on, but generally we put a loop of line around the mast, often above the gooseneck, or sometimes above the entire mainsail, and attach the suspension trainer to that loop with a carabiner.

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