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Add fishing to the list of skills we need to acquire. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a little bit of a wuss when it comes to handling fish. The truth is neither Rebecca nor I have a ton of experience with it. We are looking to change this though. We started quite some time ago by purchasing the book The Cruiser’s Handbook of Fishing. It truly is the Bible of fishing. It covers everything!

Last week we dropped into Canadian Tire to acquire fishing licenses, and to stock up on a bit of tackle, and an extra rod/reel. The young guy that we spoke to at the store suggested a rod for us, saying that it was “the best bang for the buck” that they had. Sadly this rod snapped in two on the second cast! 🙁

Note that the little fish in the above pic was caught by my old fishing rod. The new one didn’t last long enough to even get a nibble let alone catch a fish.

This past weekend we were very happy to have our daughter Cass spend the night with us on our boat. She is the first of our relatives to see our boat and the first person to spend the night at anchor with us. Cass is obviously a natural. She took to the catamaran like a fish to water (I thought that given the above that was an appropriate metaphor).

Cass looking very chilled out on Katana.

Our friend Patti commented to us that she saw lots of pics with us in the water, but none with us having a scrub brush in our hands. Sorry Patti. We just needed someone to point out the obvious to us. Katana’s topsides and water line now look much better now!


  1. I just looked at that final pic and it “could” look as if Rebecca had me tied to the boat, washing the sides while we were sailing. Rest assured we were at anchor and the rope was only there to stop me from being pushed away from the boat while scrubbing! 🙂

  2. This is a site of a couple from Barrie that are chartering down south. Its their camera that is on all the time, except at night of course. They are out of BVI @ Roadtown. Kinda interesting to watch them having fun while we’re stuck here in Canada. Me thinks they are heading to Grenada to miss as much hurrican weather as possible.You might find this fun.You can email them if you want to @
    ps. Forget about getting fishing equipment at CTC, WAY TOO small there ol buddy. Gotta get off shore trolling gear for catching Mahi and stuff. Try 80 lb test line on a ocean bait reel. It sure saves you money for food if you can catch them.

    • You should talk to the head fishing Bozo Tom on DreamCatcher. He is awesome at both trolling and spear fishing and he and his wife and tribe of ferrets live down in the Bahamas somewhere. He is also on a PDQ though his might be a 36. You can find him at

      Good luck,

      • Thanks JP. I have been to their blog before (I actually had it bookmarked). I think I may have EVERY PDQ blog bookmarked!!! I did some more reading on it this morning There are some good tips on it too.

    • Thanks Richard. The Canadian Tire real was just for playing. I know we will need something a “bit” more substantial for real fish! The book I linked to had a lot of great info including specific brand/model recommendations. Real gear appears to cost real money though!

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