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Last Saturday we awoke to find that the wind had shifted to the south, a situation which fortunately is not all that common for this area. The new wind direction had waves piling into the bay and all the boats had shifted so that they were anchored on a lee shore (wind blowing the boats towards the shore as opposed to away from it). The fact that we were situated very close to the beach with less than 2′ under our keels made it extra sketchy, prompting us to make the decision to move ZTC to the other side of the bay. As this process takes a bit of time, especially when it’s blowing more than 20 knots, we ended up arriving at the Saturday morning farmers’ market at 11:00 AM, later than we had initially planned. Although we figured that this would still be OK, what we found was a ghost town. Almost all of the vendors had packed up and left, and those that remained had virtually nothing left on their tables to sell. This was a big lesson for us and we resigned ourselves to wake early this week and get there first thing.

True to our plan, we arrived at the market this morning at 7:00 AM. What a difference 4 hours makes! The market was booming with vendors and customers everywhere. Music was playing, money and produce were being exchanged… it was perfect! There’ll be no canned veggies for us this week.

All this produce, and eggs, cost us $55.00 EC, approx. $20.00 US.
We also purchased a big slab of beef for $24.00 EC.

Speaking of food, last evening we had the first meal from the tuna that Albert brought us.
Samantha seemed to figure that if she meowed loud enough she would get some.

She was not happy that she did not!

Tuna sashimi (thanks for the fish, Albert) with pickled ginger, wasabi and soya sauce, coconut rice and pickled cucumber salad. Chop sticks are from our wedding!


  1. Grilled Eggplant in your future?

  2. You need Green Banana to Boil….Great Stuff.
    Hope you Know the Plantain.and it’s many uses.Looks like you Kids are still having Fun…

  3. I believe everything should be done in Moderation…….Even my Notes…

  4. Why didn’t Samantha get any?! She on a special diet or something?

  5. Lovely Mike! Wish I could taste that dinner with you!

    s/v Eolian

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