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The weather and our schedules finally aligned to allow Rebecca and I to head out for the weekend. With plans to meet up with some friends, we cast off at 6 pm yesterday and bashed into an 18 knot headwind towards last season’s favorite anchorage, Kerr Bay. Good times!

Red at night…

Our friends on sv Night Shift. Yes, we sometimes hang out with… gasp… mono-hullers!


  1. Any room for another boat in Kerr Bay? We will see you around supper.

    Terry & Anneke

  2. and you can play mono-opoly after dinner with them too

  3. Let the anchorage photos begin!

  4. I gotta geek out

    Set-up a laptop as an Ad-Hoc network. Get multiple boats to log into that laptop and play the PC based Monopoly !!!

    Sorry..could not resist

  5. Or on the way back, in case of too much celebrating your wins or drowning your losses! 🙂

  6. Beautiful sunset shot of Katana Mike!


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