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The downpours stopped yesterday morning which allowed Rebecca and I to venture out of our fiberglass shell. Donning our running shoes, we set out for a jog through the harbor area. My brain and lungs think that is a great way to start the day, even if my hip and calf sometimes doesn’t.

While cooling down after the run, we decided to take a walk down the dock where we tied up our first night here. Who did we see? A couple we first met back in August from St. Catherines, Ontario. They are heading south on their ketch Lunar Sea and we were sure that we would have run into them again before now. Cool stuff.

Our afternoon was spent doing some cleanup chores on the boat. Rebecca took it upon herself to tackle the tarnished stainless on our boat. Kirk gave us a partial bottle of Collinite’s No. 850 Metal Wax and that cleaned it up beautifully. Thanks again Kirk (and of course, thank you Rebecca)!

What were my chores? I started trying to drill a hole in a piece of stainless to improve our SSB radio’s ground. After breaking two drill bits, that job got shelved. Reneé and Dave from Lunar Sea, who were heading off to West Marine, were nice enough to pick us up a new water strainer for our head so I decided to put my time into installing that. Nothing like a good toilet job to round out the day. 🙂

Rebecca polishing the stainless. Now it’s all shiny again (and I can stop crying).

This stuff worked well.

Some mention was made before about reusable grocery bags. We use them all over the boat for storage becuase they are both strong and flexible, fitting nicely into odd spaces on the boat. This one has various plumbing fittings and supplies. Each bag is labeled with a colored tag so that we can easily tell what is in them.

The new water strainer for the head intake. I think I have done this before.

There is such a tide difference here that we need to stagger our fenders so that the boat is protected at both high and low tide.


  1. That Rebecca is a workhorse…….Boat looks good guys….All Collinite products are great….Do you guys feel young among all the snow birds heading south….I am sure they are a wealth of information…

    • Although we don’t “think” we have met any couples younger than us heading south (yet!), I wouldn’t say that that makes us feel young. We have met a ton of cool people though, as we expected we would.

  2. Better weather today; lousy forecast tonight and tomorow. The weekend outlook for the Fells Point Festival looks fabulous, although jackets could be necessary. You should definitely pick up a tee shirt from “The Horse You Came In On” or better yet “Bertha’s Mussels”. Have a great time!

  3. I have a feeling that you won’t be bored! Between boat chores, spending time with friends, shopping, and sight-seeing, you seem to have a lot to do! There’s a thread on the LA forum about stupid boat quesions. I’ve been asked “what do you DO all day?” My usual answer, depending on my mood, is either “read” or “chores”. Sometimes, when tied to a dock, I will get asked that question while engaged in work on the boat. Then the answer is “this!”

  4. Great idea for the use of the bags. I’m happy! — AKA the Bag Lady

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