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For two people who played sports daily, life cruising on a boat can leave a bit of void in that area. Of course there are many other things that take up our time but we have been consciously searching for an activity that could provide us a challenge in the same way that martial arts has for us in the past. Kite Boarding might just be that sport.

We have been admiring kite boarding from a distance for some time but just the other day, we were fortunate to actually cross paths with a couple of kite board instructors (the same characters you see in the fire dance video in yesterday’s post). Part way through our beach party, we made plans to hook up with these guys the next day and actually try the sport out.

Our first day consisted primarily of flying a training kite on the beach, learning how to control and maneuver it, ultimately attempting to do so by feel instead of by looking at the kite. When we geared up and moved onto the water with the big kite, the wind was just a tiny bit too light to do anything productive so we called it a day. We are definitely looking forward to our next lesson though!

…and the following pics are NOT of us. Instead it is Gary out enjoying the wind.


  1. Looks like fun! Peter and I have for a number of years been sailboarders. Like with sailboarding do you wear a harness so your arms don’t get tired. Once you get over the learning curve you’ll love it!

  2. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran

    Looking Good folks, 🙂 good fun

  3. Saw these kite boarders in Cuba a couple of weeks ago and it looked amazing. The guy was getting some serious air. Would like to try some day so let us know how you find the experience….Mark

  4. Now I am totally impatient to get out and try our new gear!

  5. Looks like fun! Not something I’m brave enough to try! Enjoy your next lesson.

  6. Kiteboarding in the Bahamas… ya’ll are really livin’ the life now! Can’t wait to hear about your next lesson. The instructor looks like the perfect “surfer dude” type to learn from!

  7. I would really like to try this. I see them doing it near my home on the St. Clair River now and then.
    I spoke with them and learned that I could take lessons at Muskamoot bay on Lake St. Clair.
    Let us know how you do next time you try.

    • This is one of those sports that I think you really do need to take a few lessons to learn. It is a lot of fun but would be hard to lean on your own.

  8. Be careful!
    I have seen some “funny” videos of people crashing into things, or being drug across the beach…

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